I have many years experience as a senior Front-End Engineer, experienced with React, React Native, and many other frameworks, packages, as well as just working in vanilla JavaScript. I have worked on high profile projects as part of a large team, as well as smaller projects entirely on my own. Although my expertise lies most strongly on front-end development, I have experience on all aspects of web and mobile development, including design, UI/UX, analytics, SEO, working with APIs of a wide variety of flavors, databases, the construction of custom Content Management Systems, and just about every other aspect of taking a website or a mobile app from conception to production. I enjoy working both independently as well as part of a larger team where there is an opportunity to share knowledge and learn from others through code reviews and collaboration. I have never been on a team or a job where someone regretted my being there.

Below is just a partial list of the many projects I have worked on over my career.


I am the lead architect and UI engineer for Kinship, a mobile app and website developed in React Native and React, respectively. The app serves as a personal relationship manager, assisting users in developing and maintaining connections with friends, family, and business associates. It interfaces with a backend API for data loading and storage while seamlessly interacting with the device, integrating features such as calendar, contacts, camera, photo library, and more. Kinship is compatible with iOS, Android, and web platforms.

Clay CMSClay CMS

Clay is the interactive CMS that enables editors to create and edit articles and other content for New York Magazine's suite of sites, developed in-house. The UI was constructed using Vue.js, complemented by a Node.js backend. I was one of several engineers responsible for maintaining and enhancing the functionalities of the CMS.

BMW - Build Your Own./images/screenshots/bmw-desktop.jpg

I served as the lead front-end engineer for a website that enabled visitors to customize their own BMW on BMW's website. Developed using Angular on the frontend and with AEM as the CMS, the site interacts with the backend through a series of API calls. These calls dynamically update various options based on user selections and configuration rules as the user progresses through the creation process.

BMW - Mobile SiteBMW - Mobile Site

Before bmwusa.com underwent conversion into a fully responsive site, I was a part of the team that constructed m.bmwusa.com—a streamlined, mobile-only version of the BMW website. This mobile platform included features such as Build Your Own (BYO), Dealer Locator, Contact a Dealer, along with general information and promotional pages. The site was developed as a single-page application using an in-house framework built with vanilla JavaScript.

Lista Cabinet Configurator./images/screenshots/lista-desktop.jpg

I served as the lead React/Redux developer for the cabinet configurator, taking charge of coding the dashboard, managing all form interactions, and orchestrating the seamless transfer of data between the backend and the Three.js visualization app. This application empowered users to intricately design their cabinets with precision and ease.


I spearheaded the reconstruction of the Pods website as the lead front-end engineer. Leveraging Sitecore on the back-end, I developed multiple modules within the site. Notably, I engineered the Get a Quote process using React/Redux, interacting with two distinct back-end services to ensure accurate and efficient data delivery to users.


This is an app I constructed for my own personal use when I saw what was available in the app store and decided I could build something better than what was available. It's a simple app that enables users to countdown or countup from important dates and display the most important date in a widget on their device. The app is built using React Native and Redux, and is available for both iOS and Android.

Three Movie Buffs./images/screenshots/threemoviebuffs-desktop.jpg

I was the sole engineer on a movie review website that ran for many years using a custom PHP/MYSQL CMS. Contributing one-third of the movie reviews, I was also an active member of the New York Film Critics Online society, attending press screenings and conducting celebrity interviews. The website is now archived as flat HTML pages.

Celebrity Concentration./images/screenshots/celebrity-concentration-desktop.jpg

This was a game I built for my movie review website threemoviebuffs.com in React, which uses images of celebrities taken from that site to make up the faces of the cards in this celebrity version of the classic memory card game.

Name that Movie./images/screenshots/name-that-movie-desktop.jpg

This was another game written for threemoviebuffs.com, this time using Vue.js. The game presents a hidden movie still and asks the user to identify the movie by removing random squares to reveal more of the image. The fewer squares removed, the more points the user earns.

Beautyrest - Mattress Selector./images/screenshots/beautyrest-desktop.jpg

I was one of two developers involved in the creation of this visually engaging website that guides visitors through the mattress selection process. The interactive experience involves asking users a series of questions about their sleeping habits, animated for an immersive journey. The website was built using React and Redux.


I served as the lead engineer for a fruit-infused beverage website. I developed a rudimentary CMS using PHP and MySQL, enabling an admin to input details about different fruit drink flavors. I also built out the front end that accessed the data and displayed the flavors in a promotional site.

Justin Bieber - SomedayJustin Bieber - Someday

I served as the lead front-end engineer for a site promoting and selling Justin Bieber's fragrance 'Someday,' along with other related merchandise.

The Prostate Czech./images/screenshots/czech-site-desktop.jpg

A site I constructed for the Prostate Cancer Foundation as part of their effort to raise awareness for prostate cancer and encourage men to get checked. The site was recognized as a 16th Annual Webby Award Honoree.

Puma - FactoryPuma - Factory

I was one of several front-end engineers on the team that built Puma's 'Design Your Own Puma' site. Through this platform, visitors could personalize their shoes by selecting various components and choosing colors. The site was developed using React.

Vanguard - Life TickerVanguard - Life Ticker

A promotional site I constructed using Vanilla JavaScript that enables users to create a 'ticker,' emphasizing aspects they want more or less of in their life. The platform guides them to explore investment opportunities with Vanguard to enhance the positive aspects. Additionally, users could easily share their customized 'ticker' on social media.